Monday, December 23, 2013

MBBCC in Growth Mode

Today the Monterey Bay Business Card Collectors (MBBCC) officially welcomes Member #2, David Sadler.

David resides in Canastota, New York, which makes his collusion with MBBCC very poetic.  It is a coast-to-coast (almost) gesture of unification and solidarity among collectors of business cards.

Viva la BizCard!!!

For the record, here is how David was welcomed to MBBCC.

"Congratulations, and welcome to the inestimably boisterous Monterey Bay Business Card Collectors!

"You are officially member #2.

"We have not yet developed a glossy brochure with history and information about our group. Perhaps in about twenty years, when we celebrate our Silver Anniversary, we will have many exciting and amusing tales to tell!

"Warm regards from Generally-Not-As-Cold-As-New-York-This-Time-Of-Year Monterey."

The future of MBBCC is looking bright indeed!

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