Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All Good Things


It has now been more than two years since I posted anything here.  Among other things, that is because I and my dearly beloved (supremely patient) wife have been moving, traveling, working, and otherwise finding all manner of OTHER STUFF to occupy our time.

During this time, too, I have come to the decision - a very difficult one to make - that I am going to significantly pare down my business card collection.  As of this writing, I have more than 50,000 cards happily resting in over 50 three-ring binders.  By the time I am done "de-commissioning" the collection, I expect to have 47,000 or more to pass on to business card collector friends.  I'll be hanging on to a few hundreds because there are some that I will just not be able to bring myself to part with.  For example, I'm sure I'll keep my Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor of California, card.

Anyway, I still really enjoy business cards.  I just have too many other interests, hobbies, collections - there's only so much time in each day, for goodness' sake!  Also, we are trying to downsize our need for storage; i.e., rid ourselves of all the extraneous, unnecessary effluvia by which we are surrounded.  Fifty thousand cards takes up a lot of space.  I can live with a couple of "favorites" binders that I can casually peruse occasionally and show off to friends who kindly pretend to be awestricken by them.

All of which means I am still technically a "business card collector" because I'll probably never leave an interesting card just lying there.  So, this is still the original site for the "Monterey Bay Business Card Collectors" chapter of the International Business Card Collectors group.  Some day I might even discover member #2.

I'll try to stop by more often and report on the progress of my downsizing efforts.  Also, I hope eventually I'll get around to scanning some of my favorite cards to share them here.  Meanwhile, I trust whomever has taken the time to read this is enjoying Happy Holidays (even if you are reading this next July)!

Cheers, y'all.